1Hanan (Hanna Thorstensen) is a Swedish professional dancer and choreographer. She was introduced to the Oriental dance at the age of ten and is a highly merited and appreciated solo artist and teacher since many years, with a work field ranging from Europe to Middle East, Africa and Asia. She has performed at a great number of venues such as the Cairo- and Alexandria Opera House in Egypt and Mohammed V Theatre in Rabat, Morocco. Hanan has also played the belly dancer Lola in the musical “Zorba” at Malmö Opera and worked as a choreographer for “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” at the Helsingborg City Theatre.

In 2009, Hanan founded the Malmö-based Hanan Oriental Dance Group which has gained recognition both locally and internationally after receiving many awards. Since 2004 Hanan has been teaching on a regular basis and frequently hold workshops both locally and internationally at different festivals and venues like the Stockholm Belly Dance Festival and Heshk Beshk Oriental Dance Festival in Venice, Italy. During 2010 Hanan spent eight months teaching at Al Droubi studio in Damascus, Syria.

Hanan regularly performs as a soloist or together with her dance troupe on events and has many collaborations with several different artists, musicians and performers. For example the reputable dancer and MTV-choreographer Pooja Shetty Singh, artist Behrang Miri, singer Aida Nadeem, the band Alla Fagra and musician Dan Svensson. Hanan is also a member of the Iraqi dance troupe Enkidu Company under the direction of the dancer and artistic director Mohanned Hawaz.

Hanan is a highly sought after performer and pedagogue famous for her genuine Egyptian style and interpretation.

Education & training:

Hanan fell in love with the oriental dance already back in 1995 and have since studied the language, culture and history of the dance under some of the biggest names in the world of oriental dance such as Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Youssry Sharif, Aida Nour, Dr Hassan Khalil, Nour, Freiz, Tito, Dandash, Camelia, Khaled, Kazafy, Sameh el Dessouki, Randa, Raqia Hassan and Soraya.

1999-2003 she studied under Suzanne Petrén (Zeina) Abou Shebika and her husband Mohamed Abou Shebika at the Egyptian Culture Centre in Stockholm, where she also taught and worked as a dancer in Nefertari. In addition to Nefertari, Hanan was also for a few years part of the recognized international dance troupe Amaya Dance Company under the directions of the artistic leader Manca Pavli.

Trained in jazz, modern dance and ballet at S:t Eriks gymnasium in Stockholm during 1999-2002, Hanan later received higher training in various dance styles at Stockholm’s Dance centre. In 2009 she further educated as a children dance pedagogue at Elisabeth Wolf and Samantha Smith Dance Forum in Gothenburg.